How to Figure out if Your Appliance is still under Warranty

Being a homeowner has its perks until your appliance fails you and the landlord has to act quickly! When you call Ortega’s Appliance, one of our technicians will ask you if your appliance is still covered under warranty.

Please note, if you attempt to repair your appliance yourself while your appliance is still under warranty, you may void whatever coverage you have remaining. This means if the equipment breaks down again, you won’t be able to apply the appliance warranty to help cover the repair cost in the future.

Don’t wait until your appliance fails to figure out your warranty guidelines and timeframe.

Check Your Receipts and User Manual

Most all new appliances offer a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, so if it’s been less than 365 days than you are most likely still covered. Also, if your appliance breaks down within the first 30 days of purchase, the shop you purchased it from might accept an exchange or return. Be certain to save your receipt and user manual for any extended warranties. Call to inquire about the store’s return policy to confirm the warranty if you have any concerns.

Check the Manufacturer’s Website

If you’ve thrown out or misplaced your receipts for your appliance purchase, the manufacturer’s website is the next best place to check. Here, you can verify the length of the limited warranty and discover extended warranty coverage. You can also find the support telephone number to directly contact the manufacturer with any questions.

Contact the Retailer

To retrieve specific details about your transaction, try contacting the retailer directly. You can also request about any customer rewards programs you might be a part of that provide an extended warranty or return period.

Schedule Your Appliance Repair Today

No matter the warranty coverage, we need our appliances to run our household. Don’t try to fix your appliance on your own. Leave the tough job to an Ortega’s expert. This will prevent voiding an active warranty. We give you your time and comfort back knowing that we will get things done right the first time.

To schedule your appliance repair in Santa Fe or Albuquerque, please contact Ortega’s Appliance at (505) 884-9177 today.


Electric Stove Repair Guide

Trying to make dinner and your electric stove is preventing you from feeding the family? Luckily, if you take the necessary precautions when trying to troubleshoot, maintain or repair an electric stove, you’ll be able to diagnose some of the issues. Here’s an overview of some of the most common electric stove issues:

Your electric stove won’t start

If you can’t turn your electric stove on, chances are the unit is not getting enough electricity. Making sure it’s properly plugged in, is your first step, and if it is, you may have a defective outlet. Other common causes may be a blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker, or severed cable.

The coils don’t heat up

Compared to when your stove does not turn on, you probably have a completely different issue if some coils or the lights on your stove are functioning well. If your internal ignition switch is not faulty, then it’s possible the coil isn’t correctly plugged in, or may have a loose connection. However, something could be stuck sandwiched between the coil element and the stove. If you are using the burner for the first time, the element used might not be the right one.

If the problem isn’t caused by any of the above, then the burner could have been damaged, which is possible even if you cannot find any visible signs of damage. You could have broken the burner if you dropped a heavy object on it or allowed it to come into contact with something cold while it was hot. Regardless of the cause, calling a professional is the best course of action.

Your electric stove produces sparks when turned on

Additional temperatures or weight can damage the element itself, causing dangerous sparks. On the other hand, it’s possible that your electric stove has unfastened wire connections. The problem is either directly related to the coil or triggered by turning the element on.

The indicator light won’t turn on

If you don’t have a defective control switch, then the small lights that show when your burners are still hot or turned on probably have a burned-out bulb. You should let a qualified Ortega’s technician handle the replacement.

You cannot adjust a burner’s temperature

If one of your burners gets too hot and does not change temperature, a faulty internal ignition switch is the most likely cause. As inconveniencing and frustrating as it might be, you need to turn the stove off and call a professional technician.

The coils move around whenever you place something on them

You will experience this issue if the tray underneath the coils isn’t the right fit. Aside from ensuring food doesn’t leak into the stove, trays help to protect the coils.

If you need an electric stove repair in Albuquerque or Santa Fe, contact Ortega’s Appliance at (505) 884-9177 for professional and affordable services.